Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oops! I grokked when I shoulda grepped!

Caught being stupid! Aargh! Don'tcha just hate that when it happens?

In the middle of a live phone interview, the business talk show host asked me about the term "grep" and - right about then - my brain went out for a beer, while my mouth answered like he'd said "grok." I know better, I really do, but for some reason I heard "grok" and that's what I was answering. Hell, I absorbed everything Heinlein wrote, even the weird goofy stuff he wrote at the end when his brain tumor was getting the best of him. Oh, the shame....

Thank goodness one of the listeners emailed me (Thanks, Duane!) so I can at least own up to it here! But in my own defense, this interview was just the day after my daughter Alyssa gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - Julia Marie. Mom, baby, and new dad John are all fine, healthy, and having a lovely time getting used to their new life at home.

Me? I'm just grokking that my baby girl just had a baby girl, and grepping for what it all means.
Besides the fact that I'm getting old fast, that is....


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