Tuesday, October 17, 2006

World's first "stealth" fire department? Huh?

The way geeks see things is this:
Many often create free websites in their spare time that offer a service. They mostly do it for fun, but also to try to help people with their coding abilities and imagination. All too often, the technophobes standard response is like they're confronting vampires and need to start wearing garlic to ward off the "evil IT." Good friend, writer and ├╝ber-techie Bruce Miller sent me this, from his local Seattle newspaper, the Seattle P-I (or Post-Intelligencer - I love that name!).

Web site that tracks 911 calls ignites concerns about security

One of the real problems that occurs where Geeks and Suits overlap in business is when one side has decision-making powers over the other. This goes for geeks AND suits. Far too often, this ends up in disaster, or least a monetary loss for the company.
This news item is an excellent example of what happens within organizations when unqualified persons make decisions of a technological nature without at least listening to knowlegable counsel. Of course, one of the ironies is the ones who should be embarassed probably have no idea.
Just realize for a moment that this is a scenario that's repeated every day and night at many levels within innumerable companies, organizations, governments and corporations. Then think of how much time - hence money - is wasted from just this one brush between Geeks and Suits. And that's just one aspect.
That's the Geek Gap for ya. Any thoughts on this? Leave a comment if you want to weigh in.


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