Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why We Wrote the Book-Part 1

I spent five years writing articles for business/technology publications like Computerworld and Smart Business and EContent, articles about things like how to recover from a failed project or what to do if your project's business sponsor leaves in mid-project, and on and on and...pretty soon I started feeling like the underlying subject--in many different disguises--was always the ongoing culture clash between business people and technology people that seems to plague nearly every organization.

And through five years of interviews, I listened to them gripe about each other. Geeks complained that suits couldn't be bothered to learn the most rudimentary technical skills--sometimes not even how to attach a file to an e-mail. Suits complained that geeks were fasincated only by technology and were completely indifferent to the fate of the companies that employed them. And why should we care, geeks countered, when all the suits care about is money--and they'll outsource my job to Bangalore first chance they get?

Well. You get the idea. Pretty soon, I got interested in writing, not about who was right or wrong, but about the disagreement itself.


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