Thursday, December 21, 2006

Buzzword or Turkey?

We love getting corrections.

Not long ago we got an e-mail from a geek who loved our book (many things hold true from her own career, she said) but wanted to let us know the game we describe as "Buzzword Bingo" had been around a lot longer than we said. (In Buzzword Bingo, players arrive at lectures or classes armed with cards that say things like "paradigm" or "out of the box" and check the words off as they are spoken.)

We can't remember when we first read about Buzzword Bingo, though we're sure we had the most fun reading about it in Dilbert. So, wanting to get the facts right, we did some research and found a Wall Street Journal article describing how softare entrepreneur Tom Davis had invented both the name and the game in 1993.

Yes and no, according to this correspondent, who remembered knowing about the game back in the 1980s, though it was called "Turkey Bingo" then. She also remembered reading the WSJ article and thinking it was the "height of hubris" for anyone to claim credit. "Serves you right," she added, "for quoting the Wall Street Journal, the consummate suit publication, about geeks!!"

Well, she certainly has a point there. We've often noted that the so-called newspapers of record, while very good on very many topics, are often behind the curve when it comes to the world of technology. We should have known better.

We really do love getting corrections, we truly do. You know why? Because it means you're out there reading the book! Just to prove how much we love them, our next post will feature a whole other mistake we made.

And, by the way HAPPY CHRISTMAHANNUKWANZAAKAH TO ALL! (Bill insists on this spelling...)

Have a great 2007.


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