Friday, April 29, 2011

Podcasting Tips and Links

For anyone who was at my session on podcasting at the 40th annual American Society of Journalists and Authors conference--or just wants to know more about how to create an effective podcast, here are some links that should help you get there, provided by our speakers Christopher Kenneally who podcasts for the Copyright Clearance Center, and Susan Barnett, host of the radio program "51% The Women's Perspective."

First, some general podcasting advice provided by Chris:

From Apple/iTunes

· Basics

· Online seminar for podcasters

Amazon link to “Podcasting for beginners”

By Curtis Franklin & George Colombo

Beyond the Book programs on podcasting

· This publication has a volume control

· The content creation revolution

Beyond the Book social media connections

Next, from Susan, some good advice on how to write for listeners rather than readers:

How to Read a Podcast Script and Not Sound Like You're Reading

And, a PDF that's more detailed (and dryer), but with lots of good info:

Writing Style Differences for Newspaper, Radio and Television

Happy podcasting!!


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